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Himachal Pradesh Pharmacist Solved question Paper (HPSSC)

Pharmacist Solved previous question paper HPSSB
Total number of Questions: 120 (Only Pharmacy Section)Answer: Indicate in Green colorIf there is any discrepancy in the answer to the question, please leave your comment in the comment section at the end/bottom of the page
Fourth stage of demographic cycle is characterised byHigh birth rate & low deathHigh birth rate & High death rateLow birth rate & low death rateLow birth rate & High death rateDrug of choice for the treatment of wide angle glaucoma is aAtropineAcetycholinePhysiostigmineD-TubucurarineIn Anaphylactic shock the drug of choice isAdrenaline ivMorphine sulphate ivAminophylline ivFurosemide ivThe Hormone involved in the secretion & regulation of milk isPregesteroneProlactinOestrogenFSHLHAnti-protozoal drug obtained from natural source is aStrychnineQuinidineAconiteQuinineBitters are therapeutically used asAnti-fungalAnti- amoebic Anti-malarialAppetizerFemale sterilization is also called asTubectomyCholecyste…